"We are entering the most dramatic Paradigm Shift in learning ever!" Mark Treadwell

This site contains the online notes for Mark Treadwell's seminar presentations. The seminars and these notes are derived from the three electronic texts Mark has recently written.

The three texts synthesise the educational transitions being made available through the effectiveness and efficiency gains brought about by the global paradigm shift that is currently taking place. For the first time in over 500 years we have the potential to dramatically improve how we learn . . . . anything and everything!

"Whatever! School V2.0"
The Pedagogy of Learning in the 21st Century. This 350pp text with over 120 diagrams and 600 references provides the framework for teaching and learning in this new learning paradigm being driven by the internet.
[available NOW!]

"Whatever Next?"

The Global Conceptual Curriculum: This resource provides educators with a conceptual curriculum scaffold that can be adapted to meet the needs of learners within any education system in the world
[available NOW!]

"Whatever! Were we Thinking?":
How the Brain Learns: This revolutionary text tells the story of how the brain learns and why more intelligent people have a lower ratio of neurons than the less able.
[available September 09]


a remarkable insight into learning, thinking
and how schools are changing to meet the demands of the 21st century

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Click here for a free sample of the first section of each text and discover how educators can maximise the potential of the exponential teaching and learning opportunities that lie ahead.
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